Tartufo, the Derilict City

Tartufo is a prominent port town and is generally seen as the headquarters of the League of Pisces. Its construction is chaotic, consisting of many tiny fishing sheds on tall poles built against a huge cliff. The sheds are waterproof from the inside, through the use of tar and sturdy fish hides, because the unpredictable tide can easily submerge the lower half of the city. Sturdier buildings are excavated from the cliff wall, partially or entirely subterranean. Tunnels and staircases allow you to visit any level of the city through the cliff.

Pulleymen constantly lift boats, cargo platforms, and passengers up and down the multiple districts of the city. These pulleys create a complex web of ropes and nets that hold the lower shantytown together. Locals and experienced sailors tend to climb through the web by themselves to get where they need to be.

Tartufo lies adjacent to the Surströmming sea.

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