Seat of Ghee

This is a sprawling monastery inhabited by the Devotees of the Hundred Precepts. The monastery consists of multiple buildings that support the Devotees way of life, including a bathhouse, a library, living quarters, a dining hall and a temple at the centre of it. It is a marvel that all these buildings were constructed this high in the Bulwark Sierra, a fact that the Devotees use to support their argument on the Precepts wisdom and authenticity.

Allegedly the temple is built at the site where Ghee, God of Harmony imparted stone tablets that held the Precepts and holds said tablets. Only the Dahisattva, spiritual leader of the Devotees is allowed inside the temple to inspect the tablets, the holiest of their relics. The current Dahisattva however has been in a trance-like meditative state for over 70 years.

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