Spicers' Guild


A guild of merchants, bureaucrats, and diplomats. The Spicers’ Guild was founded after the Ambrosia Convention was already in effect, thus making it the sole guild that signed the treaty after it was authorized. Initially founded by foreign merchants with sole access to exotic goods, the spicers were asked to play a mediating role as a neutral party between the ever-quibbling guilds. They don’t share strong values like the other guilds and their members originate from all over the realm.

Ambrosia Convention

Their contribution to the treaty is managing finance, foreign affairs, and legislation.


Life grants perspective, perspective grants power

Members & Ranks

The Spicers’ Guild does not maintain an official ranking system but divides work on a voluntary basis that is then witnessed and decided upon by an internal neutral party. The official titles tend to be descriptive of said members’ function but they all sport the postfix “Apprentice”. This is to show that all who act in the Spicers’ Guild are of equal rank and apprentices of the Savant, the only official guild superior.

Travelling merchants, spicemongers, educators, lawyers (also known as Marjorams) and anyone interested in local politics try to stay on the Spicers' Guild good side.


The Spicers' Guild has many administrative offices around Hub, used for legislation and governing local law. Their official guildhall, however, is in Skinktown, on a floating fortress as the Mouthpiece.

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