League of Pisces


A guild of sailors, fishermen, and dockworkers. They operate vital port towns and seaports with the realm’s biggest hard labour workforce. Furthermore, they patrol the seas to keep pirates and monsters at bay while they fish. Members tend to be jovial and share a strong sense of camaraderie, but feel no love for the upper class of society.

Ambrosia Convention

Their contribution to the treaty is transport, security of maritime trade routes, and protecting deep-sea ecosystems.


Through weather fair and foul, we remain stalwart

Members & Ranks

Members of the League get promoted through a recommendation system. Notably, only other members of the same or lesser rank can endorse another member. This fosters camaraderie among the crews and supposedly organically selects leaders. Ranks are named after fishing terminology: New Fish, Chum, Bobber, Tackle, Keeper, and Brass in that order. New Fish and Chum are generally busied with menial tasks like cleaning and hard labour. Bobbers and Tackle are taught to sail, fight and fish. Keepers are seniors, groomed for leadership positions, and finally, the Brass are a small council of authoritative figures.


The League is a travelling bunch by nature and tend to decide on guild legislature through remote messages. However, once in a while, when all-hands meetings are deemed necessary, the Brass will reconvene at Tartufo, where their official guildhall is located. Also the League's Sentinels are trained there.

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