Society of Gastronomancy


A guild of wizards and alchemists that use alteration and transmutation to transform the texture and taste of ingredients. Individual members pour their life into their research, spending years on compartmentalized topics. Their upper ranks compile all said research into practical application, realizing magical, fantastical, and impossible recipes. They generally look down on the other guilds, as they feel theirs is the only proper pursuit of haute cuisine.

Ambrosia Convention

Their contribution to the treaty is the research and development of magic and technology to further industrialization and improve the quality of life of citizens.


See what could be, know what should be

Members & Ranks

Members of the society are ranked linearly in a fashion similar to a leaderboard, effectively giving every member an individual number, called an Echelon. The closer you are to First Echelon, the more resources and control over lower members you have at your disposal. This nurtures a competitive and individualistic environment where members constantly challenge each other to assert dominance.

Typically wizards around the world want to enter the Society of Gastronomancy, as well as any chef interested in haute cuisine. Rich and powerful folk make use of their services and try to keep it as exclusive as possible. Some who have been trained by the Society but don't possess an aptitude for magic are still able to secure high-status careers, such as sommelier.


The Society's guildhall is a giant campus called High Olivia, to which an entire district in Hub is dedicated.

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