The Union Domestic


A guild of herders and farmers. They tend the farmlands and herds well within the secure borders of civilization. Members tend to focus on their own business and grow placid by the abundance of their yield. Generally, members try to grow their business by buying more farmsteads and land or turn to other forms of commerce instead. Ambition runs rampant among their traders and bureaucrats and they’re as quick to discard alliances as they are to form them.

Ambrosia Convention

Their contribution to the treaty is the mass production of vegetables and meats as well as overseeing and maintaining landbound trade routes.


Tend well your lands, fill well your hands

Members & Ranks

Officially, members rise in rank by having a document of “good deeds to the realm” signed by their peers. In practice, however, these writs are freely handed out to anyone who makes a generous enough donation to either The Union Domestic proper or anyone with the authority to give it personally. The number of writs you have claimed equals your rank and are therefore proudly presented within members’ estates. You have complete authority over anyone who is of lesser rank than you which makes for a chaotic pyramid scheme.

Typically farmers, merchants, herbalists and shopkeepers of all kinds try to curry favour with the Union Domestic. They utilize druids with a special kind of magic to grow their crops more efficiently as well.


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