The Coursers' Lodge


A guild of rangers, hunters, and foresters. They tend to wild, natural landscapes and hunt dangerous beasts using only technology and magic they find dignified. They are stubbornly traditional and have a strong loyalty to noble bloodlines. Naturally, they are also the source of the finest wild game and foraged ingredients.

Ambrosia Convention

Their contribution to the treaty is the maintenance of public parks and reserves as well as the culling of rampant flora and fauna. They also maintain security around wildlands bordering civil areas in the form of patrolling hunting parties.


What has been, will be again and so we stay

Members & Ranks

The Coursers’ Lodge functions akin to an aristocracy, where families of noble bloodlines hoard power since before the founding of the Lodge. Members rise in rank through exceptional service or marriage to powerful families and the approval of their peers, much like a court of nobles.

Typically hunters, gatherers, herbalists, rangers and every common citizen living near the border of the Rim Realm will have a good disposition towards the Coursers' Lodge. They train Sentinels for their border patrol parties.


The Coursers' Lodge have many military strongholds along the border to the Rim Realm. These forts all date from before the Ambrosia Convention and serve as defense against monstrosities and giant predators from crossing the borders. One of these strongholds, called Fort Keen Eye serves as the guild hall for the purposes of council meetings.

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