A guild of bakers, patissiers, and craftsmen. Their giant furnaces blaze perpetually, be it to bake bread for the masses, heat the countless bathhouses around the realm, or smith tools and weapons for the military. Typically, members are perfectionists and look down on other people’s work, but they also share a strong love for creation and camaraderie among their own ranks.

Ambrosia Convention

Their contribution to the treaty is industrialization, providing heat and plumbing and the production of all sorts of technology.


Rough hands shape warm bread

Members & Ranks

The Bain-marie rank members by the expertise of their respective craft. Ranks are divided into classic trade guild groups: Novice, Initiate, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Master, and Grandmaster respectively. As a member, you reserve the right to a weekly review of your work by those of a rank higher than you and they would need a majority vote to promote you.

Generally any specialized artisan, be it a baker, potter, tinkerer, smith or carpenter wants to curry favour with the Bain-marie, either for membership or for favourable deals on supplies and tools.


The Bain-marie operate from the Hub's industrial disctrict, Hopstand.

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