Common Jobs

These are jobs that most citizens of the Heart Realm can acquire with little training and make a decent living off of. Commoners tend to make careers in the acquisition or production of ingredients or running bars, shops and diners.


See Freelancer.


If a town doesn’t have a bakery, it is not considered a town by law. Bakers are essential workers that provide breakfast for all citizens of the Heart Realm. Bakeries range from single-owned shops to giant factories employing hundreds of people. Bakeries tend to be run by the Bain-marie and in bigger cities they double up as a hub that provides plumbing and heat to the city block it resides in, utilizing the excess heat of their ovens.

Bar Personel

Barkeepers, bartenders, and waiters are common jobs for those of a more charismatic nature. Taverns, watering holes, and inns are important facilities for travellers of all sorts, and owning such an establishment is a surefire way of securing a steady income. Bar personal tend to have some form of martial training to de-escalate situations like bar fights and troublemakers. Taverns are found across the map but the most hearty patrons are no doubt found in the Nässeltundra and along the coast, like Tartufo.


Merchants, diplomats, and other citizens of status are often threatened when outside of their sphere of influence. Therefore, it is common for high-ranking guild members to hire personal bodyguards when entering another guild’s territory. Freelancers are often employed as bodyguards temporarily.


Farmers and farmhands are extremely common throughout the Heart Realm. Working on a farmstead is considered a safe career choice for commoners and investors alike. Most farms are affiliated with The Union Domestic to manage cattle and produce for the Heart Realm. Successful farmers frequently go up in rank in the Union and get promoted into merchant positions. Most of the realm's production is done in The Taps, where the majority of farmlands are located.


Any adventurer not beholden to a guild is called a Freelancer. Freelancers are self-employed contractors that do odd jobs the guilds don’t have time for or no jurisdiction over. Jobs can range anywhere from bounty hunting to investigating old ruins before they are repurposed. Freelancers are also often contracted by the guilds to supplement military forces, such as The Coursers' Lodge border patrol. They carry around template contracts that they have to buy from the Spicers' Guild which are legally binding when signed.


Sailors and fishermen alike sail the stormy seas to haul goods or catch fish. The seas of Gourmetia are nothing to sneeze at, with leviathans roaming the deep and pirates galore. More often than not, sailors are members of the League of Pisces. Freelancers are often persuaded to join their ranks through a mug of ale shared with friends, though some ships remain independent contractors. Sailors with combat experience tend to be recruited as Sentinels. Both Skinktown and Tartufo, the Derilict City for housing seaworthy people.


Shepard is a difficult and well-respected occupation in Gourmetia. The habits of livestock are extremely peculiar as each species has its own needs and quirks. Dönner Sheep, for example, have a tendency to roll off hills when they become threatened. The Bulbo Octopus, on the other hand, tend to blow up and fly away. Not only does the shepherd have to maintain its flock, they’re often also depended on for maintaining fields through grazing. Shepherds often work in the Nässeltundra or The Taps regions, as those are more provincial areas. City shepherds also exist, however. These specialized shepherds are tasked with fertilizing parks and gardens of Hubfolk.


In many cities of the Heart Realm, a culture of expertise is maintained when it comes to food. Each ingredient has its specialized shop or stand. Wine stores, fishmongers, grocers, dairy sellers, and many more variants corner every street. All you need is a bit of knowledge, a good source, and a good talk. Depending on where your shop is located, you tend to be on good terms with either The Union Domestic or the Spicers' Guild.


Traditional legion soldiers do not exist in Gourmetia, as there are currently no ongoing wars with other nations and the Ambrosia Convention keeps the peace internally. Those who seek military training or pursue martial careers are generally accepted as bodyguards, border patrol, city guards or freelancers.

Rare Jobs

These are more specialized jobs that can only be acquired through certain connections or in specific areas of the world.

Battle Chef

Battle chefs, or competition cooks, are the gladiators of Gourmetia. Cooking battles are frequently held at arenas in Hub, such as The Cauldron in which cooks of high calibre square off against each other in a sensational manner. It’s common for battle chefs to travel the world, either in a troupe as an entertainer or to gain experience in sourcing and tasting rare ingredients. Battle chefs are held in high esteem, much like professional athletes.

Battle Judge

cauldron's famous cooking battle matches are judged by a council of connoisseurs. They gauge the crowd’s enthusiasm during the match to see if the cooks had appropriate showmanship. They taste the food too of course, with careful degustation. These judges are also the showrunners of arenas, thinking of themes, restrictions, and rules to keep the matches interesting for the spectators.


Competitive eating or drinking is a vice generally looked down upon, yet somehow it seems to be a wildly popular sport in town festivals, circuses, and events. A proper celebration is never complete without a big eating competition for tons of prize money. Bingers, as the competitors are called, are lauded as heroes. Their training is expensive, however, as it involves buying and consuming a lot of food, so they tend to need a big disposal income.


Bartenders that mix acrobatics with the serving of guests is entertainment for the masses. Every fair and circus has at least one, if not an entire troupe, of flairtenders to juggle flaming drinks. High-end establishments sometimes house one as well, but they tend to be more reserved in their showmanship and more focused on creating enchanting cocktails. See also College of Flair.


Experts in the field of medicinal herbs, herbalists sell both seasonings for your food as well as salves for your boil. In the Heart Realm, herbalism is well regulated and requires proper training by an official master. Of course, there is also a lucrative market for under-the-counter goods that is generally frowned upon. Street apothecaries in Hub are likely to be affiliated with the Union Domestic, but organic herbalists that care for their plants themselves are either self-employed or under the protection of the The Coursers' Lodge.


Riddancieres are a fancy term for garbage collectors. In districts of Hub where garbage disposal is not automated, these unfortunate souls walk around the neighbourhood with their cart to collect organic waste such as leftover food, bodily waste and even unclaimed bodies. They then bring that waste to Gorummage for recycling. Some individuals try to bribe riddancieres to offload their cargo early, perhaps for compost, perhaps for more nefarious purposes.


The Hubwatch is essentially the city guard of Hub, local law enforcement trained in de-escalation and non-fatal combat. Chronically underfunded, they tend to carry around small clubs and simple leather uniforms as opposed to sharp steel and plate mail. They are officially beholden to the Spicers' Guild, yet many of the Hubwatch take orders from whichever guild has the most local influence, be it via shared ideals, pressure or bribes. In remote areas of the Heart Realm, like Oilvat, the Hubwatch’s reach is virtually non-existent and not relied upon.


A sommelier is a wine expert who serves as an advisor and host. Typically they are hired in high-end restaurants but it is not uncommon for noble houses, even minor ones, to have their own personal sommelier. Possessing a personal sommelier is especially popular among influential members of The Coursers' Lodge and The Union Domestic. They can also be found at embassies or diplomatic events, where they have the additional duty of checking drinks for poison.


Spicers are spice merchants that tend to travel from place to place, to strike good bargains closer to the source. Because of this, they’re also known for selling, illicit goods, like poisons and explosive powders. A lot of spicemongers are beholden to the Spicers' Guild, whose legislative nature make for a convoluted conflict of interests if they sell on the black market. They often travel from port to port using the League of Pisces ship services, in search of a new place to sling their wares or to lay low while the heat dies down from their previous exploits.


Pulleymen are hard labourers of Tartufo, the Derilict City, that constantly lift dinghies and elevation platforms up and down from the sea below using an elaborate rope system. They function as the main mode of transportation in the derelict city, for both people and cargo. If the tide hits the city, they work as a sort of city watch, warning and helping citizens get to their homes safely. The job is known to be dangerous and pays terribly, but Pulleymen are treated as honoured guests in every home.

Guild-specific Jobs

These are jobs that can exclusively be acquired through joining one of the guilds and receiving an official title.


Agrimancy is a combination of alchemy and druidic magic that’s utilized specifically for making livestock and produce grow bigger and faster. Because it is researched mostly by farmers, druids, and apothecaries, it is not an exact science. This means the magic manifests differently depending on external factors like location, temperature, weather, arcane leyline, magical history et cetera. When used by inexperienced folk, it can lead to disastrous consequences, aiding its reputation for being unstable and dangerous. Agrimancer's are officially certified practitioners of this magic, sanctioned by The Union Domestic. See also Circle of Abundance.


Gastronomancer is an umbrella term for any wizard who uses their magic to further the art of cooking, be it spells to enhance taste or enchantments that transform your dish while it's being eaten. Public practice of this art is only legal when executed by members of the Society of Gastronomancy and usually comes in the form of research for the aforementioned guild. Only high-ranking members use it in the field, by opening an esteemed restaurant or catering to diplomatic events.


Marjorams, or their official title Mediator Apprentices of the Spicers' Guild, are travelling lawyers essentially. They can be contracted to make official rulings between civil disputes, property rights, and even trivial arguments or bets. They’re in high demand because the laws and territories of the Heart Realm are complicated and confusing. They’re also known to draft and sell contracts for Freelancers.


The Coursers' Lodge patrols the borders of the Rim Realm using specialized hunting parties. Members of these hunting parties are called sentinels, martially trained combatants who specialize in tracking and taking down Rim Realm predators and other natural threats. The League of Pisces patrol maritime routes in a similar manner, but also scout for threats from other nations. These sentinels are specialized in sailing and combat at sea instead.

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