Player's Guide

Welcome to Gourmetia

Gourmetia is a realm all about food and cooking. That means most inhabitants of this world have some kind of relation to food, be it a professional career in haute cuisine or just an appreciation for the taste.

Step 1: Guilds

A good place to find out more about the core themes of Gourmetia is the Ambrosia Convention page, where the guilds in power are described. Each faction has its own values and beliefs, as well as a civil responsibility to the people of the realm.

Perhaps you are aspiring to become a member of one of those guilds. Perhaps you are banished from their guild for something they have done. Perhaps a specific guild has been plaguing you and your family instead. Picking a relation to one of the guilds is a solid way to ground your character in the world.

Step 2: Career

Inspiration can also come from the jobs page, a robust list of career paths and what they entail in Gourmetia. Some classic occupations have a different function in Gourmetia, so reading through a couple of these might give you some insight on the world.

Another option is to check out the subclasses page, a collection of subclasses specifically made to fit the flavour of Gourmetia. Most of them contain information on where their practices originate and to which faction they are generally bound to.

Step 3: Origin

Now that you have an idea of the themes of Gourmetia, you can dig deeper into specific locations as an origin for your character. Perhaps one of the previous pages already led you to a town of your liking. If not, here's some information to help you along.

Most liveable areas are located within Heart Realm, the eastern part of the continent. This entire region is well-protected and its citizens generally live a secure life. If you're looking for a provincial origin, check out The Taps and Nässeltundra.

The capital is called Hub, a megapolis that stretches out for hundreds of miles. Hub is divided into districts, each with its own function and aesthetics, often influenced by one of the guilds. You can check out the districts if you feel a metropolitan origin fits your character better.

If you're looking for something more exotic, there are a small number of inhabited spots in the Rim Realm. The Rim Realm is effectively the rest of the continent, savage and untamed. Only the bravest or most foolish dare settle there as it's mostly inhabited by hostile monstrosities, malformed nature, and things from planes beyond.

Otherwise, there's a handful of islands with sovereign city-states (WIP) you could also take a look at. If you hail from any of those civilizations, you tend to be treated as an outsider in the Heart Realm.

Step 4: Religion

The Ambrosia Convention runs the Heart Realm as a secular country. Every citizen has freedom of religion, however, and no single religion is banned. Check out the Pantheon page if your character could use a little spiritual guidance.

Step 5: Let It Simmer

A good stew needs to simmer for a while and so does a good idea for a character! The Gourmetia wiki will be updated frequently and you can always ask me questions or request things to be added. Enjoy!

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